Our Facilities


Our offices’, North Side location, located conveniently behind Hendrick Health System, and South Side location, located off of Loop 322, are wheelchair accessible facilities. To minimize exposure to illness, we offer two separate waiting rooms—one for our patients who are being seen for an illness, and one for those who are scheduled for wellness visits. Families with children under 6 months of age will be seated on the well side, regardless of the nature of the visit.

The exam rooms are brightly decorated and comfortable for children of all ages. We also have treatment rooms designated for patients with respiratory problems, lacerations, or other urgent needs. We are proud of our modern facilities and hope you find them to be a welcoming place for children.


North Side Clinic

Northside Location

2150 Cedar St., Abilene, TX 79601 | Phone: (325) 677-6070

MONDAY           8:30 am – 5pm
TUESDAY           8:30 am – 5pm
WEDNESDAY     8:30 am – 5pm
THURSDAY        8:30 am – 5pm
FRIDAY              8:30 am – 5pm
SATURDAY        8:30 am – 12pm
SUNDAY              Closed


South Side Clinic

Southside Location

414A Lone Star Drive, Abilene, TX 79602 | Phone (325) 793-9973

MONDAY            8:30 am – 5pm
TUESDAY            8:30 am – 5pm
WEDNESDAY      8:30 am – 5pm
THURSDAY         8:30 am – 5pm
FRIDAY               8:30 am – 12pm
SATURDAY           Closed
SUNDAY               Closed